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Computer Engineering Salary – One Degree to Rule Them All

With the world rapidly advancing to the era of technology, it may be safe to say that computer engineers and related specialists will become more in-demand over time plus the added benefits of salary increase and incentives. Yet to experience this lucrative industry, one must first have proper training and background along with certification. To give you a glimpse of who computer engineers are and what they do on a regular basis, here is a detailed overview.

Computer Engineering Job Description

Computer engineers are trained specialists who design, build, test and integrate hardware and software programs for computer systems in a variety of applications, from home-based offices to large corporations. Due to the fact that even small businesses depend on computers to accomplish different tasks, computer engineers are recognized to work all around the globe for both private and public organizations.

A computer engineer making his big salary.

Hard work, huge payoff.

Computer engineers should masterfully practice different programming languages including Java, C, C++ and VB.net if they wish to specialize in software development. Mastery of the Internet is also a crucial aspect of becoming a computer engineer. Since the profession tackles duties and responsibilities that encompass both hardware and software systems, a computer engineer should have high levels of knowledge and background on both facets to perform well. In addition, many business clients nowadays want to build a website or web app to be able to expand their client networks.

Job Skills Every Computer Engineer Must Have

Computer engineers who choose to specialize in computer hardware work mostly in research, development, design, testing and facilitation of all elements of the fabrication and integration of hardware components. Computer hardware engineering involves some basic knowledge of circuit boards, microchips, modems, printers and even the simplest parts like the keyboard and mouse. For hardware specialists, a good grasp in electronics can help tremendously as both fields are connected. This is mainly because all computer hardware components have circuitry.

Now, to the topic that most aspiring computer engineers wish to know. How much does a computer engineer earn? Judging by the high demand for computer experts around the world, it is easy to assume that computer engineers earn higher income than most professions. Computer engineers continue to be in great demand as computer systems consistently grows and evolves for businesses of varying sorts and sizes.

It All Comes Down To One Thing

As a computer engineer with fair credentials, you can find good employment positions in nearly all industries for both public and private organizations. Some of the industries worth trying out include business, telecom, government and healthcare. Meanwhile, those with a high level of knowledge and familiarity with the Internet can seek for home-based employment positions for clients seeking web-based services.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average computer engineering salary reported in 2011 sums up to $101,000. Although this value can fluctuate in accordance with the job position and nature of work you are currently on, a six-figure salary is the real deal. Expert analysts expect this number to skyrocket in the next decade, making computer engineering one of the most sought after job markets worldwide.